3-D Stereoscopic Photos of St. John's, Newfoundland


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The images on this website were photographed with an old, 3-D, stereoscopic, 'Realist 45' camera (Serial No. 351865).  It was made in Germany for Realist Inc. of Milwaukee, Wisconson.  It originally belonged to my uncle, Terry Will Brown and was subsequently given to me by my mother, Terry's sister, after his death.  Terry took his photographs on Kodachrome slide film, although I now use colour print film, such as Kodacolor Max, and scan the negatives with a Nikon CoolScan IV ED.  I also have Terry's 3-D slide projector and his polarizing glasses, as well as hundreds of his 3-D slides.  

Terry Brown's Realist '45' Camera, Serial No. 351865

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Important!  You must be using a Java 2 compatible browser, with Java and Active Scripting enabled and have the Java 2 Runtime Environment installed on your computer in order to successfully view 3-D images using the StereoPhoto Viewer Java applet. This is the java applet that is used to display my 3-D images. You can test here to determine if your browser has Java Script enabled. You can download the latest Java 2 Runtime Environment for free. It is produced by Sun Microsystems.  If you do not have the proper Java 2 Runtime Environment installed on your computer, you may find that only "X's" are displayed instead of pictures or your browser may even close spontaneously when you try to load my 3-D image pages.  Firewalls or Browser settings that block Pop-up Ads may also prevent image display and/or interfere with the applet's Help system.  If you have trouble, you may wish to test this by turning off your Firewall and/or allowing Pop-ups and Java from this website only - then adjust your Firewall or Browser settings.

On the images page, you should see 2-D thumbnails of the 3-D images.  Click on a thumbnail to open the Java viewing window.  Once the window opens, you should see a toolbar across the top and a 3-D picture below the toolbar.  The picture is initially presented for 'free viewing' in cross-eyed mode.  Use the tool bar to select other viewing modes, to change the image size and to move to other pictures.  When viewing images, you may also press "H" at any time for additional Help.

I'm very much a novice at 3-D imaging, so I hope that anyone who can suggest improvements will send me an email.  I'm especially interested in ideas as to how get better horizontal alignment for the anaglyphs. I think that some of mine are not correctly aligned and this causes poor depth perception in anaglyph mode. You will need glasses with coloured lenses (for example, red/blue) to see the anaglyphs but the 3-D effect can also be seen by using 'free viewing', that is, without the coloured glasses.  To see the 3-D effect without glasses, select either the cross-eyed or parallel viewing method in the Java applet window that pops up when you view a picture.  If you are having trouble focusing for depth, try moving the 'image-size' slider to the left.  Smaller images are easier to see when 'free viewing'.  You may also want to read this 'free viewing' tutorial. Incidentally, not everyone can see depth in 3-D images. People who have trouble with depth perception in real life will undoubtedly have even more trouble seeing depth in 3-D images. This can be caused by a number of things, including physical issues, such as poor vision in one eye or a tendency to be naturally cross-eyed.

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I use StereoPhoto Maker and Adobe Photoshop CS to prepare the images for display on this website. Many thanks to Masuji SUTO, who writes the StereoPhoto programs and to David Sykes, who writes the documentation. "StereoPhoto Maker" is available from Muttyan's Home Page.

The presentation of the 3-D images is powered by the StereoPhotoViewer Java Applet

? 2004, Mardon Erbland. All original material on this website is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. To request permission to use an image for your own purposes, please email the copyright holder.