Index to JustUs Miscellaneous Items

  1. CONA Snow Sculptures: 2005 & 2006.

  2. Identification of flowering house plant requested.
  3. Winter Scenes February 2005
  4. Valentine's Bunny (requires Java 2)
  5. Logy Bay Panorama
  6. The Irish Wolfhound Wreath
  7. Outer Cove Beach, April 20, 2005 (57 Sec, 1.9MB)
  8. Helping Others via Distributed Computing
  9. The 1961 Wooster High School Imperator  (32.2 MB)
  10. ePub version of  Lives Of The Presidents by Robert W. Lincoln, published in 1842 by Edward Kearny, for iPad (8MB)
  11. Some Call It Heaven by Tom Drodge from his "Sweet By-and-By" album
  12. We Need A Whole Lot More of Jesus by Tom Drodge from his "IN The Roof" album

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