1985 02 13:
On the occasion of the signing of The Atlantic Accord

Our Brian sees oil out there,

Which the Feds say they finally will share.

      Is this really so?

      Then just watch us grow.

We Newfs will have money to spare

1985 02 13:

On Mr. Hatfield's continuing tribulations.

Since the Premier was charged with a crime,

Some folks think he ought to do time.

      But the Press was too quick,

      Those leaks were so slick;

We'll not harm a man in his prime.

1985 02 13: 

About the NHL All-Star game last night.

Though the game was won by the Wales,

Tis sad how our memory fails.

      "The Flower" was there,

      His fans didn't care;

Against Ninety-Nine all else pales.

1985 02 13:

Saluting 'Hockey Night in Canada"...

Dave Hodge knows the score,

But his friend knows "what for".

      Howie Meeker That's right!

      He's shown us the light,

"Don't shoot from the Red Line no more!"

1980's 'Fun Time'

There once was a daughter named Ann.

Who cooked the best food from a can.

       Her father ate it.

       He left not a bit.

No belt can his new tummy span.

On 1980's federal / provincial politics.

If Brian's so smart he should sit;

Upon his fat butt in Cabnit.

      Trudeau could use him.

      To keep off a limb.

They both deserve just what they'd git.

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