Untitled Poem

One Sunday

In the warm sunshine,

I took a walk

With that boy of mine.


With a boat in hand,

And a piece of twine,

I sailed to a fairyland

With that boy of mine.


Violets were here, forget-me-nots there;

Fragrance of apple blossoms

Quite filled the air.

We walked in a garden of flowers.


He climbed high up in a tree

To cut a Willow branch,

The finest Willow branch that he could see,

So I could make a whistle.


Then through the tunnel,

Under the street.

There we found minnows, crabs,

And spearmint good to eat.


"Now we must cross the brook.

First step on that tire, then the stone that tips,

Take a step like the one that I took."

Were instructions that fell from his lips.


"Now give me your hand,

I'm sure that you can,

And I'll help you over to dry land."

How I love my dear little man.


Marion Erbland (nee Brown)

This poem was written by Marion Erbland about her son, Mardon Erbland, and a walk that they took in the Christmas Run City Park at Wooster, Ohio, circa 1950.  The "tunnel under the street" mentioned in the poem refers to "Bowman Street." The tunnel was located at: N4048.254' W8156.794' (WGS84).

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1983 by Mardon Erbland
All rights reserved.