When there is grass upon the hills

When there is water on the sky

When there is blackness in the air

The temple's chain shall crash below

One sees the boiling stench and feels revolt

One knows the time and talks of lonely birds

One smells the sun and knows not what to do

'Tis here that Cain has come and lost his soul

And why are rocks and ferns amoung the sea

And why are bees and eyes and you so small

And why are time and sight and sound all gone

The snow is here

It sees his blood amoung the trees

To know the truth is less than all it seems

To taste of life and move with all it takes

To speak with tongues of fire above the drone

There is this thing

A thing upon the sky


83 01 19


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1983 by Mardon Erbland
All rights reserved.